Area Nurseries

Compilations of Area Nursery Information maintains an up-to-date list of Maryland, Viriginia, and online nurseries. The descriptions of the nursery services are based on regular visits by the owner of the website, Shari Wilson.

Shari also writes periodic blogs about specific nurseries. Below are links to a few of these blogs. For more, subscribe to her newsletter and search through past blogs on the website.

MD: A Little Farm and Nursery

MD & VA: Specialty Nurseries

MD: Bethesda Native Backyard Nursery

MD & VA: How and Where to Shop for Natives

MD: Lauren’s Garden Service

In addition to the nurseries listed on Nuts for Natives, nativeplantsDMV lists a few additional ones, plus useful information on native gardening.

Especially Recommended

The Earth Sangha nursery is located in Springfield VA. Plant sales by appointment or curbside pickup. A podcast about Earth Sangha.

Shari Wilson explains in a blog that Earth Sangha is one of the few local nurseries to sell local ecotypes of native plants. More information on local ecotypes.

Use the FONTT native tree guide to easily identify native trees by scientific name on the long list of available native plants at Earth Sangha. (Scientific names explained in the guide, pg. 7.)

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase local ecotype straight native plants from Earth Sangha, a nonprofit nursery that is at the cutting edge of exploring how to restore our degraded landscapes with native plants.  Volunteers and nursery staff collect the seeds for these plants from local plants – these local ecotype plants have adapted to local conditions over hundreds of years. While the nursery is around the beltway in Virginia, I don’t think that our plants are concerned with this political boundary.  I’m currently transitioning some of our turf grass to native sedges and am excited by their success.  

— Lori, Roanoke Ave

Earth Sangha sources their seed material from local plants, making everything they sell, from small wildflowers to trees, the “most native” you could get from a regional nursery. Most of the plants I plant in my yard are from there, and I’m always excited to see what they’re growing.

— Vincent Verweij

If you would like to suggest additional nurseries, please email