Our Urban Forest Neighbors

Our Urban Forest Neighbors

This page introduces you to some of the species that make up Takoma Park’s urban forest. We hope that getting to know your neighbors will inspire you to create and protect habitat for them.

Meet Nicky

Martin Dohrn, a BBC wildlife photographer, was trapped in his Bristol home during the COVID-19 lockdown. He decided to film the native bees in his backyard. Martin’s stunning videography takes us into their world. The photo is of Nicky, a leaf-cutter bee and hard-working single mom, who became Martin’s friend as he documented her life.

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Let’s talk about sex

What we euphemistically call “pollination” is basically flower sex. The video clip at the end of this post gets up close and personal in showing how bees pollinate the female part of flowers with pollen-encrusted sperm from the male parts. As if that’s not kinky enough, the video presents buzz pollination in graphic detail, strenuous bumblebee vibrations and all. Parental discretion advised.

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A Few Facts about Native Bees

Invest a few minutes in learning about the wild bees native to North America. Did you know that honey bees are not native and not wild, more like insect livestock? That we have over four thousand species of native bees in North America, half of which are in decline and a quarter of which face extinction? In this video, Dr. Samuel Ramsy, USDA-ARS Bee Research Lab,…

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