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Public Spaces Management Plan

Photo credit: Becca Williamson, FONTT member

Draft Recommendations for the Public Spaces Management Plan

The draft recommendations for the Public Spaces Management Plan were presented August 23 by the consultant. Comments on the draft will be accepted until Monday, September 5. Go to the Full Post for more information and to link to the comment form.

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FONTT input to Public Spaces Management planning

FONTT explained why more native trees and plants would improve public spaces and gave specific suggestions about how to do this. See Full Post for FONTT slideshow and links to more information about the public spaces planning process.

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FONTT-City of Takoma Park Collaboration

FONTT Presentation to City Council, June 1, 2022

The main messages in the presentation were that (1) FONTT has produced a well-received and well-vetted native tree guide, (2) the City should post a link to the guide on the City website, and (3) FONTT would like to collaborate with the Council and City on additional education, outreach, and engagement activities.

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Urban Forest Master Plan

Montgomery County Council