FONTT input to Public Spaces Management planning

A consultant firm, CHPlanning, has been contracted to prepare a Public Space Management Plan for the City of Takoma Park.  “Public space” in this context refers not only to public parks, but also to sidewalks, the Right of Way between private properties and city streets, wooded or vacant lots, unbuilt space around city buildings, and other city-owned land. 

The consultant organized a June 27 community workshop, attended by a FONTT member who reported back to the group. After discussion, twenty FONTT members agreed on the input below (see slideshow) regarding public spaces management.

Credit: Photos and illustrations about dedicated native gardens and green stormwater infrastructure from lectures prepared by Professor Dennis Nola, Department of Plant Sciences and Landscape Architecture, University of Maryland College Park

For more information on our big idea, see Should we protect nature for its own sake?  For its economic value? Because it makes us happy? Yes.

For more information on the Smithsonian Gardens Habitat exhibition, see HABITAT.

The preceding input was sent to the consultant on July 22, 2022 by the following FONTT members:

Gene Blanton, Lori Bowes, Sharon Broderick, Steve Coleman, Jim Douglas, Stu Gagnon, Robert Goo, Danny Gubits, Sarah Gubits, Larry Himelfarb, Diane Ives, Kopal Jha, Lizz Kleemeier, Larry Lempert, Geoff Maxson, Rustom Meyer, Alessandra Sagasti, Tom Salyers, Bradley Simpson, Elizabeth Strickler, Meg Voorhes, Vincent Verweij, Becca Williamson.