Native Tree Guide & Discussion Panel

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The Takoma Park Native Tree Selection Guide explains the ecological importance of native trees and helps residents in the Takoma Park MD area select a native tree for their property.

Sixty-nine native tree species are featured, with hyperlinks to additional information.

Welcome to the Discussion Panel

For this discussion panel, FONTT invites scientists and other urban forest experts to comment on the native tree selection guide and its messages by answering a few questions. Readers are welcome to comment.

Travis Gallo Brings the Perspective of an Urban Ecologist

Dr. Travis Gallo brings the perspective of an urban wildlife biologist to the discussion of whether the FONTT native tree guide uses a valid indicator of the contribution that a tree species makes to supporting ecosystem health.

Sam Droege Speaks for the Bees

Sam Droege points out that bees also contribute to maintaining ecosystem health, so it’s tricky to decide whose host plant deserves superstar status.

Paula Shrewsbury Discusses Caterpillars as Pests

Dr. Shrewsbury addresses concerns about caterpillars as pests. She goes on to explain the many benefits that trees provide to people, other than sustaining biodiversity.

Doug Tallamy Kicks Off the Discussion

Professor Tallamy explains the science behind the biodiversity indicator presented in the native tree selection guide.

Compiled list of references cited by the various panelists in their Q&As.

Resources for the discussion panel

Background on the purpose of the discussion panel

An explanation of the biodiversity indicator used in the guide

How “native tree” is defined in the guide.

The color print version of our guide is sold at Takoma Park-Silver Spring Co-op and Nature Forward (formerly Audubon Naturalist Society). We appreciate the support of these two organizations. Please support them in turn.